Ten Minute Play Festival

Winston-Salem Writers 10-minute Play Festival

We are happy to announce the winning plays for this year’s10-Minute Play Festival

● First Day on the Job by Becky McLaughlin

● Punctuated Romance by David Ratcliffe

● The Next Station by Cameron Kent

● Broken Arrow by Bradley Stephenson

● A Hole in the Fence by Abigail Franke

● The Affliction by Tim Wiest

● U Up? by Ken Ashford

Of course, we were not be able to produce these plays in early June, as originally planned. Working with The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, we are exploring the possibility of a production August 28 and 29. That will depend, of course, on our confidence that we can safely gather for rehearsals and performances by then. We will keep everyone updated. https://www.wswriters.org/10--minute-play

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