Poetry In Plain Sight, Live!

Poetry In Plain Sight, Live! Saturday, February 18 | 2:00-4:00p R J Reynolds High School LIBRARY, 301 N Hawthorne Rd, Winston Salem

Join Winston--Salem Writers for ‘Poetry in Plain Sight, Live!reading event featuring poets from the Winter season. Poets attending will read their poem chosen for public display, as well as other works. Keith Flynn, Terri Kirby Erickson, Cal Nordt, Helen Losse, Jenny Bates, C. G. Thompson, Robyn Campbell, Jordan Makant, Michael Gaspeny, Sam Love, Maura Way, and Kat Bodrie are among those invited to attend.

This live reading is free and open to the public. Book and poetry poster sales will be available. Don’t miss this chance to mingle among North Carolina poets from across our state who support our efforts to put ‘Poetry in Plain Sight.’ We thank our sponsors for Winter season: Second Harvest Food Bank and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

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