Matthew Neill Null to Read

Author Matthew Neill Null will read at Scuppernong Books at 7pm on Friday, September 11 and at Winston Salem's Bookmark Festival North Carolina Showcase panel at 2:30 September 12 as part of a book tour to discuss his novel, Honey from the Lion.

link the rest of this: Null will visit the Carolinas September 11–19, thanks in part to a grant from South Arts. The novel follows a brotherhood of timber wolves as they clear-cut the virgin

Allegheny forest under the directive of a turn-of-the-century logging company. Honey from the Lion evokes the ecological devastation and human tragedy behind the Gilded Age, and sings the land and ordinary lives in all their extraordinary resilience. New York Times best-selling author Ron Rash praises the novel’s “beautiful prose, vivid characterization, and meticulous research,” and Manuel Munoz says, “the real pleasure—and certainly not the only one—is in the sentences, as complex, deliberately assured, and lethal as Flannery O’Connor’s.” If you are interested in interviewing Null, please contact Emily Smith at or call910.962.7401. For more information about Null and the book, visit Kate McMullen Lookout Books | Student Intern MFA Creative Writing | Fiction University of North Carolina Wilmington

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