Flying South Literary Competition Winners

Winston-Salem Writers is pleased to announce the winners of the fifth annual Flying South literary competition:


1st Place: "Through Tide, Time, and Turmoil" by Jennifer Bean Bower, Winston-Salem


1st Place: "Plywood Jesus" by Scott Thomason, Morton, Pennsylvania

2nd Place: "Their Crazy" by Susannah Cecil, Clemmons

3rd Place: "Hurricane Season" by Hampton Hofer, Raleigh


1st Place: "Commit No Minor Treason" by Devin Bent, Santa Fe, New Mexico


1st Place: "Breast Stroke" by Janet Joyner, Winston-Salem

2nd Place: "A Single Page from the History of Hands" by Jennie Mejan, Winston-Salem

3rd Place: "Unquilting Be" by Deborah Johnson Wood, Winston-Salem

Honorable Mention: "Elizabethan Sonnet: Heron/Hope" by DD Upchurch, Pfafftown

Honorable Mention: "Young Cezanne Hears Too Much, Conceives 'The Black Clock'" by Jennie Mejan, Winston-Salem

Honorable Mention: "Entreaty to Young Editors" by Alice Osborn, Raleigh


1st Place: "Altered Mental Status" by Keith Menhinick, Winston-Salem

2nd Place: "Shock Treatment and the Reluctant Traveler" by Mark Mathosian, Advance

3rd Place: "Felix and the Silver Surfer" by Gary Bolick, Clemmona

(The editors chose to award only a first place prize in the Flash Fiction and Novel categories.)

The print edition of Flying South 2015 is expected to be available at this year's

Bookmarks Festival in September.

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